Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion Attorneys

As a form of mild traumatic brain injury, concussions are most commonly sustained in accidents where a person’s head is suddenly bumped or shaken, though they may also be sustained when a person’s head is forced to abruptly move back and forth. While concussions are rarely life-threatening, their effects can severely impact the victims of these injuries. A concussion may be sustained in any number of accidents, but they are most closely associated with car accidents and contact sports.

If you have sustained a concussion as a result of an accident, the traumatic brain injury attorneys at The Rowley Law Firm may be able to help you develop an effective legal strategy intended to help you recover any damages associated with your accident.

Damages Associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries & Concussions

Though the recovery process varies from person to person, traumatic brain injury victims are routinely asked to refrain from participating in any physically or mentally strenuous activity for a specified period of time. As such, activities like driving and performing normal work duties may become impossible until a victim’s physician determines he or she is medically fit to resume those activities. With that in mind, the damages most closely associated with concussions and other traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Loss of income
  • Diminished capacity to earn income
  • Cost of medical care
  • Cost of medication

Our legal team has the experience to help you anticipate the full extent of the damages sustained as part of your injury and, subsequently, help you develop a legal strategy to aggressively pursue compensation from those responsible for your unnecessary suffering.

Consult with a Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion Attorney

At The Rowley Law Firm, our concussion attorneys are prepared to help you pursue financial restitution from the party responsible for your accident and subsequent traumatic brain injury. To discuss the circumstances of your accident with one of our attorneys, please call our offices at (805) 272-4001 today.